Server Mods

AutoDoors– Automatically closes doors after a preset time.

Auto Turret Limits – Sets a limit of 3 turrets placed per TC.

Better Chat – Used to give VIP members access to different color player name tags.

Bypass Queue* – Gives VIP Members the ability to skip the wait if there is a queue.

Crafting Controller – Used to adjust craft times.

Discord Messages, Rustcord & Discord Rewards – Integrates gmae with the Endor Discord.

     – use /message  to send a message from in game to our #game-chat channel.

     – use /report to report a player from in game to  our #reports channel.

     – use /verify to connect your Discord and game accounts and receive access to a Discord only Kit.

Furnace Splitter – Gives players the ability to evenly split smelting stacks.

Gather Manager – Used to adjust gather rates for resources.

     – use /gather to view current gather rates.

Help Text – Displays a list of all available chat commands for players.

     – use /help to display a list of chat commands.

Info Panel – In-game GUI showing, player count, event notification, RP balance and time.

     – use /ipanel to show available panel commands.

Night Lantern – Sets lanterns and lamps to automatically turn on at dusk, and off at dawn. Also sets them to use no fuel.

Quick Smelt – Adjusts server smelting rates.

R-Remover Tool – Allows removal of entities placed by their owner.

     – use /remove to activate removal tool.

     – using the removal tool comes with a materials cost to deter abuse.

Server Rewards – Players earn Reward Points (RPs) for playtime, referrals, and voting.

     – use /s to display the rewards store GUI and spend your points.

     – use /rewards check to see your RP balance and total time played on Endor.

     – use /refer to refer a friend to the server and earn RPs for both of you.

     – Points reset on full wipes.

Simple PvP Stats – Displays PvP Stats

     – use /stats to display your kills, deaths, and KDR.

Sign Artist  Gives players the ability to paste sign images from urls.

     – use /sil <url>raw (works best if you put http://, rather than https://).

     – use /silt <message> [<fontsize:#>] [<color: hex code>] [<BGcolor:hexvalue>] raw to add custom text.

Skins* – Allows players to use workshop skins in game.

   – use /skin a loot box will open, drag an item into the box, pick a skin, and move back to main inventory.

Stack Size Controller – Used to adjust stack sizes of different items.

Time of Day – Used to adjust the length of day and night in game.

Upgradable Workbenches – Players can upgrade WBs w/o having to destroy the old one.

     -to upgrade, craft the WB to upgrade to and drag it into the inventory of the existing WB.

Vote For Money – Displays sites you can vote on to earn RPs.

     – use /vote to see if you have voted in the past 24 hours.

Wipe Timer – Displays when the next wipe is.

     – use /wipe to display when the next wipe is

* Denotes a VIP only Mod. You can become a VIP by directly donating and supporting the server through our VIP Store !