Welcome to Endor a 2x Rust Server

Server Rules:

1. Treat everyone with respect. RUST can be frustrating but that’s no reason to be a jerk!

2. The max group size is 3. Allying is okay to an extent. Any group deemed too large by an Admin will be disbanded.

3. If you would like to report a player use /report  to send a message to admins in Discord.

4. No “Isms” including but not limited to racism, and sexism. This includes on in-game items like signs.

5. No base griefing. Everyone has a different definition and there is no way to list them all. On our server we consider the act of griefing to be any action that disallows a player to access their base after it has been raided and the raiders have looted & left. This includes but is not limited to walling off entrances, placing game objects in such a manner that it will prevent the normal decay of a raided base, and sealing a placed raid TC. If you take over a base after a raid this is a different story and not considered grief.