Wipe Day – 5/9/2019

Hello citizen’s of Endor! Today is the start of a brand new map wipe and we have added somethings that you the players voted to include!

What’s new?


  • Upgrade Workbenches – Lets you replace your current WB with the next tier. You do still have to craft the new WB
  • Sign Artist – Allows you to download url images onto in-game signs
  • Skins – allows you to re-skin items with select skins from the Steam Workshop(VIP Tier 3 Mod)
  • Turret Limits – Sets a max turret limit per TC (Max is set at 3/TC)


Contests: In an effort to bring more players to our community we are holding a contest to see who can refer the most players. The contest will run through the next Facepunch Update (June 6th). To refer a player have them type /refer <Your Username> in game chat. You will get 5 RP for the referral, they will get 3 RP. The player with the most referrals will get a skin of their choosing from the current Steam Store offering.


Kits: We have added two in game kits for joining our Steam Group and for joining our Discord

  • To activate & claim your Steam Group Kit, just join our steam group HERE
  • To activate & claim your Discord Kit, Join our Discord HERE , then in game chat type /verify (The game will respond with a PIN), go to our Discord Channel and private message the Discord Rewards bot with that PIN. You’ll be verified and able to claim the Discord Kit in game.


Hope to see you all on Endor!