Wipe Day – 5/2/2019

Welcome to another wipe here on Endor! This wipe brings a Face Punch update as well as some server mod updates! So what’s new?

  • Discord integration – Bi-directional chat, event notifications, and server status
  • Larger Map Size (4k) since we hadn’t been getting some tier 3 monuments
  • updated server header image
  • Furnace Splitter is now a free Mod
  • Updated VIP Packages to include Skins, and Auto Doors Mods
  • Fixed gather and stack rates to 2x on most items (let me know if I missed any)

We are also running a server referral contest with a skins giveaway! To enter just use /refer in chat. Both players will earn RPs and be elligible to win the giveaway. The player with the most referrals at the end of wipe will be able to pick to skins offered through the steam store.